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Transform your inner world
Reinvent your life
Reshape your future


Harness the wisdom of self-introspection

Find your way back to clarity, authenticity and wellbeing by identifying obstacles and exploring your emotional experience.

By mapping your own perception,
spontaneous insights
will light the way out.

"To understand others, you must first understand yourself" Vikrant Parsai
Vikrant Parsai
Practice reflection

Practice reflection

Embrace the road travelled
as a pathway to self-discovery.

Expand your

Visualise your journey
to overcome inner conflict and confusion.
A new perspective leads to new approaches.

Expand your Awareness
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With realisation of one's own potential and self-confidence in
one's ability, one can build a better world.

Dalai Lama Awareness - Acknowledgement - Acceptance - Action

Celebrate your

A renewed sense of control
strengthens your resilience
with meaning and purpose.

What is Heartyfacts ?

Heartyfacts is an online community platform which aims to provide educational information and tools to promote wellbeing and life satisfaction.

Heartyfacts is not a big corporation.

Passionate about Psychosocial Education, Jacqueline Harter (BA Psychology & Addiction Studies) has worked extensively in community services and development.

She created this site in response to a need identified by her clients to feel empowered in managing the complex interaction between the mental, emotional, social and spiritual aspects of their life.

With time we plan to add further information and tools to support your capacity to make conscious choices about your life so that you feel confident to change course when necessary.

The life mapping tool is only the beginning!

It has proven to be useful in improving socio-emotional literacy and problem-solving skills, especially in emotionally challenging situations.
Self-directed, it enables you to identify your feelings and emotions according to the context and the circumstances in which they occur.
There are many other categories to choose from depending on the level of self-knowledge you wish to explore.

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The Life
Mapping Tool

Standard Subscription available to all:

Clarify what is happening in your life at any given time
Challenge your thoughts processes in a constructive way
Enhance your problem-solving skills and decision-making ability
Decrease cumulative stress
Improve your communication and conflict resolution skills

Save, print edit & share maps

Premium Subscription for professionals only:

Understand at a glance clients’ self-assessed multiple and complex needs Enhance case coordination

Store your client’s maps in their individual folders
Use remote viewing for real time online support
Save, print, edit & share maps

While the tool can be adapted to various professional practices, training will become available in the future for those wishing to take full advantage of its depth.

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  • - Print map
A$ 7.99 per month
A$ 56.99 per year


  • - List of users
  • - Remote viewing
  • - Share in real time
  • - Save, share, edit and print map
A$ 18.99 per month
A$ 134.99 per year
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